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The Neptunes: Planetary Influence

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The Neptunes

Planetary Influence

Chad Hugo and Pharrell Williams of the Neptunes have been making hit records for more than half a decade. About as long as Timbaland, who they are often clumped with when people name the big shots of hip-hop production. However, though it may be easy compare their beat-making talents, there are two major distinctions between Timbaland and the Neptunes.

First, the Neptunes waited until this year to release their own album as performers and the CD (under the name N.E.R.D. with has received nothing but great reception. Timbaland, on the other hand, has put out three albums, two of them with Magoo, and they were all relative disappointments. Secondly, people seem to be tiring of googly-eyed Timbaland, of both his style and his mug popping up in the corners of every other video on MTV. Meanwhile, the Neptunes seem to be hotter than ever, producing two of the summer's biggest hits, No Doubt's "Hella Good" and Nelly's "Hot in Herre," as well as building a solid genre-crossing fan base. Here's an abridged list of their career highlights.

Selected Discography
"Androgyny" Garbage
"Been So Long" Mystikal
"Bounciní Back" Mystikal
"Boys" Britney Spears
"Caught Out There" Kelis
"Diddy" P.Diddy
"Girlfriend" NSYNC
"Grimey" Noreaga
"Grindiní" The Clipse
"Got Your Money" Olí Dirty Bastard
"Just Wanna Love You" Jay-Z
"Hella Good" No Doubt
"Hot in Herre" Nelly
"Iím a Slave for You" Britney Spears
"Lap Dance" N.E.R.D.
"Looking at Me" Mase
"Pass the Courvoisier Part II" Busta Rhymes featuring P. Diddy
"Rock Star" N.E.R.D.
"Shake Ya Ass" Mystikal
"Southern Hospitality" Ludacris
"Superthug" Noreaga
"Take Ya Home" Lil Bow Wow
"There She Goes" Babyface
"Truth or Dare" N.E.R.D.
"U Donít Have to Call" Usher
"What it is" Busta Rhymes featuring Kelis
"Younginí (Holla Back)" Fabolous