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Product Placement
Hollywood's Artistic Compromise

Tom Cruise thinks he hears an ad lurking around the corner. Good guess.

Advertising in films has been around since E.T. followed a trail of [name brand chocolate and peanut butter flavored candy] in a record-breaking number of theatres across the U.S. Twenty years later, Spielberg brings twenty times more prominently-placed products into one of his films, this time raking in $25 million toward Minority Report's giant budget.

It's not that I am surprised that Spielberg is showing he is a businessman before he is an artist. But it makes you wonder: Was Cruise's trip to a [name brand clothing company] store] in the script, or was it added so they could make a little extra cash? What is most frustrating is that this is an issue we can talk about and talk about, but there isn't any sign that it's going to stop or get even worse.

How long is it before every film out of Hollywood becomes a giant commercial and logos are placed in the corners of every widescreen?

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