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Overdone Conversation Topics
Things I'm kinda getting sick of talking about,
but end up talking about anyway

  1. Feeling Old
    "Yeah, like, I feel so old. I'm, like, almost 25."
  2. Trading Spaces
    "Did you see the lady who cried because they covered her fireplace? Oh my God, and Ty is so hot!"
  3. The Weather
    "So, is it still muggy outside?" "Yeah."
  4. Getting Drunk
    "Last night I got so plastered. I don't remember very much though. All I know is I woke up on the bathroom floor. It was so much fun."
  5. People I Don't Know
    "So I was walking to work and I ran in Trevor and he was... Oh, you don't know Trevor... Well, anyway Trevor was, you know, being his usual crazy self and..."